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7547 Mentor Avenue Suite 106
Mentor, OH 44060


The Little Hideaway Spa is both little and hidden away, hence the name. There are no signs on the exterior of the building, this can make finding the spa a little tricky. TIP: GPS is very helpful.  We are located in The Colonial Office Building. There are two parking lots one in front and one in back. TIP: There is more parking in back. The spa is located downstairs if you enter at the front. There is an elevator if you have problems taking the stairs. If you enter at the back of the building you'll already be on the right floor just continue down the hall to Suite 106. TIP: Listen for spa music. There is more than one Suite 106 so make sure when entering you are entering the door that has 7547 over it.

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If you have Questions you can Call or Text 440.478.5933

For booking appointments please do so online at

 The Little Hideaway Spa LLC, (

7547 Mentor Ave. Suite 106

Mentor, OH 44060

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