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Spa Rules

For the respect and safety of everone

1. Only the  guess receiving the service can be in treatment room. The door in between the waiting room and hall to service room will be locked for Security and Privacy.

2. Miners must be  accompanied by a  Parent or Legal Guardian. ( Identification  Needed) Miners can not be left in the waiting room alone.

3. For  Respect the waiting Room must be kept quiet. If you wish to listen to music or watch videos on your phone you can with headphones if you need to take a call please step into the hallway. And you might as well silence your phones now so you don't forget when you're in the treatment.

4.  No, calls or text during service. I understand  that you might need to take calls if there's an  Emergency. You might have kids or a sick loved one and I understand that have to be able to get a hold of you. But if you do need  to take calls or text during the service, the service will stop and it will come out of your time.
Please keep in mind I often have an appointment right after yours.

5. The Little Hideaway Spa is kind hidden away and can be hard to find. And of course there's always traffic. I understand being late, but once you're 15 minutes late I will have to take time from your appointment if you are 25 or more minutes late you might want or need to be rescheduled. 

6. Sorry, but if you come at the wrong time or day you'll have to come back at your scheduled date and time. Or if you miss your appointment you will  have to reschedule, you can do this online or  contacting me by calling or texting.

Walk IN And Same day Appointments 

Sorry, but we do not aseptic walk-ins. And same day appointments rarely available.

Groupon Policies

GROUPONS are no long available or accepted.

Cancellation Policy

Please be courteous and notify us within 24 hours if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Thank you


we will always do our best to accommodate you. but, we our a small operation and can get busy. so, please keep this in mind when booking. you can book online, call, or text. when calling be sure to leave a message. when calling, texting, or any other form of messaging please give us some time to get back to you. Thank you vary much for you patience.

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